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Product Documentation for Pain001

A modern, open source solution for generating ISO 20022 compliant payments

Product Documentation for Pain001

Access information about the Pain001 library, including release notes, installation and configuration instructions, and more.

Version: 0.0.23

Useful links: Installation | Source Repository | Issue Tracker | PyPI

What is Pain001?

Pain001 is an open-source Python Library that you can use to create ISO 20022-Compliant Payment Files directly from your CSV or SQLite Data Files.

The Python library focuses specifically on Payment Initiation and Advice Messages, commonly known as Pain. In a very simplified way, a pain.001 is a message that initiates the customer payment.

As of today the library is designed to be compatible with the pain.001.001.03 and pain.001.001.09 message types and will support more message types in the future.

Payments usually start with a pain.001 payment initiation message. The payer sends it to the payee (or the payee’s bank) via a secure network. This network could be SWIFT or SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) network, or other payment networks such as CHAPS, BACS, Faster Payments, etc. The message contains the payer’s and payee’s bank account details, payment amount, and other information required to process the payment.

The Pain001 library can reduce payment processing complexity and costs by generating ISO 20022-compliant payment files. These files automatically remove the need to create and validate them manually, making the payment process more efficient and cost-effective. It will save you time and resources and minimises the risk of errors, making sure accurate and seamless payment processing.

Use the Pain001 library to simplify, accelerate and automate your payment processing.

System requirements

The only prerequisite for installing Pain001 is Python itself. Pain001 works with macOS, Linux and Windows and requires Python 3.9.0 and above.